Corporate Trainings

Every organisation is unique and so are their objectives. Some aim at increasing profits while some have set their goal as increasing customer satisfaction, value creation, cost minimisation, etc. According to their vision and objective goals, companies formulate plans and policies to accomplish their goals. Much like students, employees too need continuous guidance to develop skills that help them to excel. It is in this interest that we give you the option of setting up a tailor made course material for your employees and that is in line with your set goals. You can identify the skill set that your employees need to develop and we will plan a workshop in conscience with those needs.


The workshops will be conducted in an interactive format which will help to break the ice from the monotonous work that your employees do every day. It will give them a chance to learn more and explore beyond the dimensions of work space.  We have conducted personalised corporate training workshops in India and have found positive reviews from both the employees’ side as well as the client. Our corporate training is unique and we focus on making the participants grow personally and also shape the organizational development path.

Corporate training until a few years ago was limited to the training giving to new hires and recruits. With increasing competitions and accumulation of stress levels corporate training has become an integral part of businesses. HR departments seriously consider the idea of organising corporate training workshops for existing employees so that it can help them in dealing with stress and expand their expertise.

Keeping in line with this need, Nabarunifed offers corporate training workshops for your employees.

How to help your Employees

Your employees are the assets of your company. They are the ones who look after all the individual processes right from production to selling. Formal classroom training was one way of learning for students but with rapid growth and expansion, learning has become a never ending thing.

Corporate training helps in developing the skills needed for problem solving and attaining better efficiency. They aim at improving performance of the organisation and working standards for the employees within the organisation. Many big organisations have corporate training partners who conduct regular and optional workshops for their employees.

Nowadays, even Yoga and Meditation workshops are organised at offices for the employees. Corporate training has gained importance among HR heads of an organisation. There have been visible benefits after the workshops, which is visible in the improved performance of the employees. Moreover, it also acts as a break from the monotonous daily routine of your employees. They get to sit and experience something new which ultimately develops their creative niche.

Personalized Course Material

Every organisation is different and so are their needs. Some aim at increasing profits while some have their goals as increasing customer satisfaction and in value creation. Accordingly, companies formulate plans and policies to reach their goals.

It is in this interest that we give you the option of setting up a tailor made course material for your employees. You can identify the skill set that your employees need to develop and we will plan a workshop in conscience with those needs.

The benefits of Personalised Course Material are –

  • We can focus on areas that is important for your organisation.
  • This does not hamper the work flow as timing is mutually agreed upon.
  • Integrates newer innovations and technology into the course material
  • Training workshop is aligned with company’s brand value and image.
  • Customized corporate training workshops are cost-effective and efficient.

How to Upgrade the Level of Proficiency of Employees and Upgrade Work Culture

Every organisation looks for candidates who can deliver the best performance and help in growth of the organisation. Our courses will help in developing these skills in your employees :

  • English Proficiency – English is the main language for communication. Written or oral, all forms of formal communication in the corporate setting are conducted in English. This makes it necessary for the employees to have proficiency in the language. Whether they interact with the clients or seniors, polishing their proficiency will do wonders.
  • Confidence – Many employees have creative ideas but lack the confidence to present them to their seniors. This roughly means an opportunity lost for the company. Our trainings will help the employees to develop confidence which will make them excel in education.
  • Handling different roles – Every organisations has its fair share of agreements and disagreements among the employees. An organisation should strive to encourage appreciation and criticisms to an extent. Sometimes, this may go out of hand and lead to politics. We counsel the employees to give prime importance to their work and not to worry unnecessarily.
  • Harmonious work culture – We all know the term that two plus two is greater than four in the business world. Similarly, working together as a team increases productivity and efficiency of the organisation. Our workshops help in instilling a work culture that is harmonious and stress free.
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