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Deciphering The Data To Power Your Growth

Measurement is said to be the scientific part of the business. For many a business owners, marketing is a superfluous expense while remaining completely unpredictable and insecure about the returns. Metrics help you get an idea about the performance of your business and analyses your efforts both in terms of quality and quantity. This helps you improve the productivity and profitability of your business. Insights on the other hand, reveals facts about your consumers i.e., what your target audience think and why they think so, why do they behave in a certain way and what leads them to that behaviour. It can be said to be study of the consumers of your business and respond the way they demand.

There are a number of factors which determine the insights and the metrics of a business which is not possible for anyone other than a professional to study and decode. At Nabarunified, we have a team of professionals who have been in this field and have been doing it for years. Our teammates have helped several business companies get a track of their consumers with excellence. We are sure we can do the same for you as well.

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Precise Metrics

As an agency our primary target is to look after the different statistical measures so that we can provide our clients with the bigger picture. We go through the number of visits your website gets which includes both new visits and revisits to plan our strategy for your business. This also gives the idea of the traffic driving in to your page. Considering this we can help you get solutions to improve your metrics and drive more targeted audience towards your website and help it grow.

Channel-Specific Traffic

This tool helps understand the traffic base or the source of their origin. They usually originate from four different channels. a. Direct: It refers to the number of people who visit your site directly. b. Referrals: It refers to those which come from external links that are present in other sites. c. Organic: It refers to the visitors who visit your site after they perform a search. d. Social: It refers to the visitors who find your website on social media. Thus, we keep a check on all the different kinds of channels and improve the traffic in your website from all the four major channels.

Controlled Bounce Rate

Bounce rate gives you an idea about the percentage of visitors who leave your website without exploring it too much. For example, if more and more visitors find your homepage and leave your website without proceeding further in your page then it signifies that your page has high bounce rates. Generally, business men want to have low bounce rates on their websites because the more time visitors invest in the website the more value you're going to make out of it. Thus, we help in keeping the bounce rates controlled so that you make more value out of your business.

High Conversion Rates

A very important tool to measure the profitability of your marketing efforts is rate of conversions. We keep track on your conversation rates by setting up goals both short-term and long-term and check frequently how much you achieve in a given span of time. If the conversion rates are lower than expected it is our responsibility to get that fixed so that your websites achieve its goals.

Customer Retention Rate

Customer retention rate is measured by bringing out the percentage of customers who return to your business to purchase again. Low retention rate signifies that there is some major problem within your business. Chances are that your products aren't good enough to appeal your buyers. We as an agency help you maintain the retention rate and also bring out to you the reasons behind low-retention and provide you with the necessary solution.

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Customer Value

Although, customer value is one of the most difficult part of metrics it is extremely helpful in determining your return on investment overall. Things get next to impossible when it comes to start-ups, but there can be a reasonable estimation made based on the yearly transactions you expect per customer. Our team can solve the problems faster and help you come out with a profitable return on your investments.

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